Colorful Initials Avatars (NEW!)

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Generate colorful, customizable initials for any name on the fly!

How to Use Initials Avatars

Initials images may be requested just like regular Icotar images.

Base Request

The most basic initials image request URL looks like this:


Where :name is replaced with any name you like. Remember that spaces will become URL encoded. But don't use any sensitive or personal data here! For example, here is a base URL:


File Types

All initials avatars are served as SVG files by default. If you require a file-type extension then you can add an optional .svg extension to that URL:


Icotar initials avatars also support PNG files:



By default, PNG images are presented at 80px by 80px if no size parameter is supplied. You may request a specific image size, which will be dynamically delivered from Icotar by using the s= or size= parameter and passing a single pixel dimension (since Icotars are square):


You may request images anywhere from 1px up to 1024px.

Background Color

By default, the background color will be randomly determined by the name provided to Icotar. If you want to specify a background color, use the bg= parameter and pass a hexadecimal color value (without the #):


Text color

By default, the text color will be set to white. If you want to specify a text color, use the fg= parameter and pass a hexadecimal color value (without the #):


Secure Requests

All URL requests should start with HTTPS.


MIT License